When festivals and technology combine

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 in Blog, Graphic Recording

There’s nothing better than when a client calls with an offer of collaborating on (yet another) project; it’s the reason I love working as a freelancer, for going those extra miles and appreciating what’s manifested as a result. So, when the lovely folks at Pearson called, I jumped at the chance to help support them again; this time at the Sunday Times Festival of Education. The team wanted to try something different where we’d get instant results from scribing onto a whiteboard. And with that, I was introduced to the Equil marker *cue heavenly music*…

Image care of Equil website

This brilliant new smartpen connects wirelessly to your computer, and streams images live, as they’re drawn, from whiteboard to screen. This kind of tech really excites me as a graphic recorder-from an environmental and collaborative point of view- the pen allows for more sharing with less paper and scanning after a job is complete. If you want to see how it works, check out this video.

We thought we’d have a go at testing the kit out beforehand, so we created a series of fun animates videos as part of the Pearson marketing strategy in the run up to the event.

At the festival, Pearson were focused on gaining insights and feedback from people on what makes education great, kicking off a series of events with ResearchED to explore some of the big issues facing teachers. I was there to support them by visualising the gathered insights and adding an extra element of engagement with the smartmarker and whiteboard. The Equil was light and easy to use; you knew if it was or wasn’t working due to the buzzing sensation in your hand, and the only down side was that you had to change pens from the holding unit each time you wanted to use a new colour. It made for a nice change to my usual and well-loved Neulands, and definitely something I’d encourage using at workshops or brainstorm sessions.

So below are the results of two days working on the whiteboard… what do you think? Have you used an Equil before and do you think they’re worth investing in? Tweet me at @eleanorbeer #smartpen, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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