Service used
Graphic Recording

The Community Foundation in Wales is an independent charity, established to strengthen local communities in Wales, by providing them with permanent source of funding.

I worked with the Foundation, along with the Fair Share Trust (a programme dedicated to improving and supporting communities with lottery funding), to graphically capture their celebratory conference, highlighting the strategic grants programme that has funded regenerative projects Wales over the last 10 years. With over Β£3Million distributed to over 30 different projects, there was a lot of information to gather and graphically recording the successes was clearly the best way to do so.

Using graphic recording, I was able capture years worth of hard work within a number of large, live-drawn visual maps- allowing their audience to see and understand what had been achieved within a short period of time.

Liza Kellett, Chief Executive of CFiW said of the day: β€œIt was such a fantastic success. You understood us, what we do and our essence so quickly, and then being able to capture that on the day was awesome. (Graphic Facilitation) added a unique dimension to our event and very importantly it captured ten years of work!”.

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