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‘A Brave New world’ was the theme for the inaugural TEDx Holyhead, the first event of this kind to be held in North Wales.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and the bring together people from these three arenas to talk about ideas, views, life-experiences and stories. Working as a member of the co-ordination team- I attended the event to graphically record fascinating talks from presenters from all parts of the globe. The speakers covered a diverse range of topics, from local grown food to underground shops, through to coaching and entrepreneurship. The visual maps aided the event and participants were able to get a better understanding of the talks by viewing them close up, in the exhibition area afterwards.

Stirling performance, your contribution really made a difference, hope you’re ready for next TEDxHolyhead in 2014!
— Martin Murphy, Organiser, TEDx Holyhead

Images © Glyn Davies and The Performance Consultant 2013

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