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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording involves the art of creating real-time visual summaries through a blend of text and imagery. While you speak, we sketch away. The outcome? A visual snapshot spotlighting the key messages from your meeting, conference, training, pitch (and beyond) – something you can showcase and distribute to the rest of your organisation.

Why opt for graphic recording? Well, it's perfect for:

  1. Captivating your event and webinar audience

  2. Supercharging meeting efficiency

  3. Getting everyone on the same page and razor-focused

  4. Transforming live content into lasting memories

Where can it be used?

Companies that use graphic facilitation tools see a 25% increase in productivity and collaboration among employees. Additionally, clarity of documentation and communication is improved by up to 10%. This increase in efficiency ultimately results in cost savings for businesses.

Harvard Business Review Study

How does it work?

Turning words into powerful messages

Graphic recording is a professional yet friendly process of transforming spoken content into visual representations in real-time.

It involves active listening, where we translate complex information into engaging visuals, using layouts, colors, and hierarchy effectively. These visuals captivate the audience, aiding comprehension and memory. After the event, a final visual summary is shared digitally, serving as a valuable reference. Graphic recording harnesses the power of visuals to make meetings and events more productive and engaging, enhancing understanding and facilitating follow-up discussions.


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