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Pictures for the progress of World Peace

Visual map at the peace charter event
Visual map, with Bhai Sahib, Mohinder Signh, OBE, KSG

In London this week, the third Peace Forum launched the Peace Charter for Forgiveness & Reconciliation, and we were honored to be asked to visually capture the event!

The vision of the Charter is 'that the process of forgiving is vital if healing and reconciliation are to take part, as part of our collective efforts to seek justice harmony and sustainable peace'. *

Leaders of all faiths gathered at the event to share their knowledge and insights of what's required for us to further the process of seeking World peace; firstly, starting with peace in the home and within ourselves.

With that I questioned what is it to forgive and how easy is it to take action, especially if we've been hurt in the past? How can we help ourselves to move towards forgiveness if it's something we need to do? It means being aware of our own psychological defenses and vulnerabilities, pushing past the uncomfortable to make peace with the present.

There are many ways we can understand forgiveness for World Peace; it means building trust and relationships, having constructive dialogue with policy makers and including the process and framework within education and the curriculum.

group photo of faith leaders delivering peace charter to westminster
Peace Charter attendees at Westminster, Photo credit @charterforgive

The Charter was unveiled at the House of Lords and presented to Westminster, so the hope is that action will now be taken. We also hope our visual recordings will help to further the cause, and assist policy makers and leaders to listen and take note.

* wording reference from the Charter vision, on their website above

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