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Since 2012, I’ve been honoured to visually communicate messages and ideas from a wide variety of organisations, spanning several continents

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Eleanor Beer, Graphic Recorder & Facilitator


I'm Eleanor Beer, a bilingual Graphic Recorder and Facilitator with a passion for helping businesses and organisations communicate more effectively.


With over 15 years of experience working with global brands across the world, I have honed my skills in visually capturing complex ideas and turning them into easy-to-understand visuals that resonate with audiences of all types.


My unique value lies in my ability to combine my creativity with strategy, empathy and active listening. I take the time to understand your unique challenges and create custom solutions that not only help you communicate more effectively, but also generate real results. Whether it's increasing engagement at a conference, improving team collaboration, or boosting sales, my work has a proven track record of success.


As a TEDx speaker and visual trainer, I have the ability to engage audiences of all sizes and backgrounds with my dynamic and interactive style. My passion for empowering others to communicate more effectively is what drives me to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible.


We also work with a team of trusted designers, facilitators and leadership coaches who help us to deliver holistic and impactful workshops and team sessions.

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