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Live wedding illustration


Hand-draw your magical life moments!

Imagine exchanging vows or celebrating your milestone event, while I skilfully craft live illustrations that reflect the magic of the moment.

I'll be your artist to draw unforgettable weddings and bespoke events through live illustration, transforming your special day into timeless art.


From consultation to brushstroke, I'm here to guide you through creating an experience you'll cherish for a lifetime.

How it works

Consultation Call

We meet online to discuss your vision, needs, and preferences for your event

Venue Visit

Arrive at venue (post-payment) to prepare for live illustration setup the day of your event

Art Creation

 I craft a stunning, personalised visual capturing your special moments for a cherished keepsake


What is costing you to not have live illustrations?

No event vision

There's a lack of custom artistry tailored to your wedding vision

and theme

Not honouring absent friends

There's no creative way to include absent friends or family members in the event

A lack of engagement

Photos and videos may not fully capture the atmosphere and vibe of your event

Memories are forgotten

Photos often remain hidden in albums, whereas artwork can be proudly displayed in frames



Wedding Portrait

1 - 3 HOURS

Price to illustrate your ceremony from 1-3 hours starts at this fee.  Includes the visuals of you, your ceremony and key messages from your guests.



3 - 5 HOURS

Price to illustrate your ceremony from 3-5 hours starts at this fee.  Includes the visuals of you, your ceremony, speeches, guest interactions, wedding cake.



5 - 8 HOURS

Price to illustrate your ceremony from 5-7 hours start at this fee. Capture all elements from the other two prices, and includes your first dance and hidden Easter egg bonuses.


* Prices exclude travel and any accommodation, if required

Get in touch

I'm based in Llantrisant, Wales UK and travel nationally and internationally. I'm also fluent in Welsh should you require a bilingual or Welsh visual.

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