We offer a range of visual services, guided by empathetic and holistic principles, to help you, your teams and and your organisation flourish.

Visual Meetings

Visualise ideas, picture conversations and gather feedback with visual recording. Ideal for conferences, events and meetings.

Visual Thinking Training

Learn the tools of the trade and become a visual recorder. Ideal for organisational teams or anyone interested in visual thinking and doing.

Vision and Strategy

Inspire your teams on your journey and create clarity with visually facilitated sessions. Ideal for strategy or vision planning.

Visual Coaching 1-2-1

Get feedback on your visual recording or sketchnote practice with our effective 1-2-1 visual coaching.

Rich Pictures

When you want to demonstrate your vision to customers or teams, use digitally illustrated Rich Pictures

Public Speaking

From School talks to TEDx, we speak at all kinds of events on the power of visual thinking and recording. Book us to talk at yours


Looking for help with your project?

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