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What is graphic recording, and how can it benefit my event or project?

Graphic recording is a visual storytelling technique where key ideas and discussions are captured through drawings and text in real-time. It enhances engagement, facilitates understanding, and creates a memorable record of your event or project.

How does the graphic recording process work?

During an event, a graphic recorder listens attentively to the discussions, distills key points, and translates them into visual elements like illustrations, diagrams, and text. These visuals are typically displayed on a large board or digitally in real-time, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.

What types of events or projects can benefit from graphic recording?

Graphic recording is versatile and can be applied to various settings, including conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and strategic planning meetings. It's effective for any situation where complex information needs to be communicated visually.

What information do you need from me to ensure a successful graphic recording booking?

To ensure a successful collaboration, I'll need details such as the event date, duration, location, and the number of participants. Additionally, it's crucial to discuss your specific goals, themes, and any key topics or focus areas you want to highlight in the graphic recording. Clear communication upfront helps me tailor my services to your needs effectively.

Can graphic recordings be used beyond the live event or meeting?

Yes, graphic recordings have lasting value. After the event, you can receive digital or physical copies of the visuals. These can be shared with participants, used for post-event reports, or repurposed for marketing materials, making them a valuable resource for documentation and promotion.

How do you handle clients who need graphic recording services on short notice?

While I value quality and thoroughness, I understand that urgent situations arise. I'll do my best to accommodate your needs, but please note that my usual process involves careful planning and preparation. Rush requests may affect the depth of pre-event research and ideation, but I'll ensure the visuals remain impactful.

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