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What's your next step to transforming your client and team engagement?

Experience visual meetings


How? Hire Eleanor Beer to turn boring meetings into memorable and productive experiences with live graphic recording and graphic facilitation.

Enhance Clarity

Turn complex ideas into clear, visual solutions

Boost Engagement

Make every participant feel heard and valued

Drive Productivity

Achieve more in less time with focused discussions


Are you struggling to keep your audience engaged and ensure they remember your messages?

Traditional presentations and speeches often fail to capture attention and convey complex ideas effectively, leaving your audience disengaged and overwhelmed.

That's where I come in. I transform your presentations and events into dynamic graphically recorded visuals that captivate and communicate clearly!

How I can help you 

Meet Eleanor,
Your guide to great meetings

I'm a graphic recorder and facilitator based near Cardiff, Wales, UK.

My passion lies in making life easier for leaders and teams by empowering them to sell, lead, and train more effectively through visually engaging maps and templates.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of visuals for effective communication and change. Using a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and visual storytelling, I specialise in turning mundane messages, meetings, and strategies into captivating visual experiences that deliver tangible results!

Client success 
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