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Giving you a visual voice for your important conversations

I believe in the transformative power of visuals for effective communication and change, and help you to turn your mundane messages, meetings and strategies into engaging visual experiences that deliver real results.

I'm a graphic recorder and facilitator and create in-person and digital visuals, strategic storymaps and workshops for clients the world over.


Join a network of renowned brands and let my visual solutions take your ideas to the next level


How I help you

Tap into the power of visual thinking to make change for your organisation and teams. My visual solutions will help take your meetings, strategies, and training sessions to a whole new level. 

Client success 

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Elizabeth M.Mrema, United Nations

"Your live illustrations inspired and complemented the
UN Environment Programme Hub's messages on the importance of nature for sustainability"

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Let's Work Together

Email: hello @

Coffee? I'm near Cardiff,  South Wales UK

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