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4 ways visual tools help facilitate cultural change

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Culture change is essential in any business setting. It plays an important role in the success or failure of any organisation. By creating a culture that encourages open communication, innovation and collaboration, organisations can create an environment that promotes productivity, creativity and efficiency. We understand that rapid changes can be difficult to sustain and may lead to resentment and resistance from employees, therefore change should be driven by the needs of the organisation and not by personal agendas.

Recently, we've been working hard with Mind Gym and a major brand to get their culture ready for some big changes via remote on-boarding sessions. We heard and visually facilitated lots of great feedback from staff - they're excited about everything this new chapter will bring. Time to buckle up and make it happen!

Reflecting on that experience, here are 4 ways that visual tools can help your organisation facilitate culture change:

  1. Encourage Dialogue – Graphic facilitation encourages dialogue between team members by making it easier to share and discuss thoughts, ideas, and opinions. This dialogue helps foster collaboration between members which is essential when it comes to creating a culture of openness, inclusion, and growth-mindedness.

  2. Visualize Ideas – Visuals are an engaging way of conveying complex information or expressing thoughts and opinions. Using visual tools such as diagrams or drawings, teams can visualize ideas that might not have been expressed through words alone. This helps everyone involved understand each other’s views better and fosters open communication within the organization.

  3. Implement Changes Faster - visuals make it easier to understand processes, track progress, identify issues or areas for improvement, and generate new solutions quickly and efficiently. With graphic facilitation, teams can focus on implementing changes rather than discussing them so that changes occur faster which is key when it comes to culture change initiatives.

  4. Create a Shared Vision - Graphics create a shared understanding around the vision for the organization which makes it easier for everyone involved to stay aligned on goals and objectives going forward. This serves as motivation for individuals as they are able to see how their contribution impacts the big picture which ultimately helps bring about successful culture changes in the long run.

Graphic facilitation can be a powerful tool when it comes to initiating culture change in organizations – so why not give it a try? Get in touch to see how we can help.

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