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Using Graphic Facilitation to define your company's vision

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In today's ever-changing world, the need for a clear vision for organisations is more crucial than ever. As a graphic recorder and facilitator, I understand the power of visuals in conveying ideas and concepts. But have you considered how these skills can be applied to help your organisation chart its course through turbulent times? Below, I explore how to use graphics and facilitation to guide you toward a vision that fosters safety, trust, and a resilient company culture.

Embracing uncertainty with a Guiding Compass

How can you plan ahead when nothing is certain? This question strikes at the heart of our current reality. We live in a world filled with unexpected challenges, from global pandemics to economic fluctuations. The answer lies in having a "Guiding Compass" vision that not only guides your team but also aligns with your organisation's strategic priorities.

Painting the Picture

My expertise as a graphic facilitator allows me to visually translate concepts into compelling images. I can help you 'paint a vivid picture' of your vision. Whilst looking at the current challenges and environment, we can also focus on the long-term destination. Using visuals, I can create a graphic representation that encapsulates this destination—a place where trust, open communication, and a positive culture thrive.

Collaborative Facilitation

Facilitation is the key to turning this vision into a reality. My role here is not just about creating visuals but facilitating meaningful discussions. Myself and my team of facilitators guides your teams through brainstorming sessions, workshops, and discussions, encouraging open dialogue and innovative thinking. It's key to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and ideas are considered.

Connect the Dots

The graphics can serve as a bridge between the vision and the actionable steps needed to achieve it. I can create visual roadmaps, infographics, or process diagrams that show the path from the present to the desired future. Emphasising the importance of aligning actions with the guiding compass vision, we'll integrate behaviours and cultural improvements into your daily practices.

In uncertain times, having a visual vision isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. My role as a graphic facilitator uniquely positions me to help your organisation craft and navigate its vision.. By combining my graphic talents with effective facilitation, we can guide you towards a future where your goals are achieved, and your teams thrive.

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