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A visual journey through Ffilm Wales' knowledge sharing workshop

As a graphic recorder, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of Ffilm Cymru Wales' recent knowledge sharing workshop held at the Museum in Cardiff city center. In this brief blog post, we will delve into the event's key elements, from why Ffilm Wales reached out to the outcomes achieved.

The catalyst: why Ffilm Cymru Wales reached out

Ffilm Cymru Wales, a prominent player in the European film industry, organised a knowledge sharing workshop with the goal of fostering collaboration and sharing skills among film organisations from across Europe. The primary motivation behind this event was to address crucial aspects of the film industry, focusing on creating sharing the benefits of apprenticeship opportunities for young talents and overcoming the unique challenges the industry faced in Wales.

The Canvas: Current Reality

The workshop brought together a diverse group of passionate film enthusiasts hailing from various corners of Europe. It was a powerful representation of the shared desire to improve and learn from one another.

The current reality in Wales, as discussed in the workshop, revealed significant challenges. These included difficulties in reaching filming locations and the particular challenges faced by those working with Afro hair in the makeup and hair department. This open conversation allowed participants to acknowledge these challenges and set the stage for constructive change.

What happened

The heart of the workshop was a deep dive into the apprenticeship opportunities provided by Ffilm Cymru Wales, offering a lifeline for young talents looking to break into the film industry. Additionally, the event tackled the real issues and challenges faced by individuals working in the film sector. It wasn't just about discussing the problems; the participants worked collaboratively to identify potential solutions.

The interactive discussions paved the way for sharing experiences and perspectives from across Europe, highlighting what each region could learn from the others. This collective exploration of knowledge and experience enriched the tapestry of the workshop, making it a true melting pot of ideas.

The outcomes of our work

As the workshop concluded, the atmosphere was filled with the excitement of new beginnings. Participants left with valuable insights, fresh perspectives, and a commitment to addressing the challenges faced in the film industry. The outcome of this knowledge sharing event extended far beyond the discussions, promising positive changes in the European film landscape.

In conclusion, Ffilm Cymru Wales' knowledge sharing workshop served as a beacon of hope for the film industry, illustrating the power of collaboration and collective problem-solving. By addressing the 'why,' embracing the current reality, exploring what happened, and celebrating the outcome, this workshop provided a platform for transformation and growth in the European film industry.

This visual journey was a testament to the immense potential that lies within the collaborative spirit of film organisations. It is through events like these that the industry can continue to evolve, adapt, and thrive.

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