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Sketching a love story

Being a graphic recorder usually means I'm in the corporate world, but on May 4th, I had a special gig: drawing a recent client's wedding ceremony. It was a change of pace and location for me, and I wasn't sure how it would go but was excited to create nevertheless!

The week had been dreary with rain, but on the big day, the sun finally showed up, and everything looked beautiful; spring was finally in the air! The wedding took place at Court Coleman Manor in Bridgend, South Wales. Picture this: a cozy gathering of about 60 people, surrounded by soft, springtime colours. The bridesmaids' dresses and the bride's bouquet inspired my drawings, setting the tone for my canvas.

I focused on capturing the important people in the ceremony, making sure their faces and expressions were just right. Around them, I added sweet messages and little tributes, adding extra warmth to the scene.

The reaction was amazing. As I worked, guests couldn't help but stop and admire the drawing. It became a talking point, bringing smiles to everyone who saw it. For the couple, the finished piece wasn't just a drawing – it was a special keepsake, a reminder of their big day that they could hang on their wall or use for thank-you cards.

What started as a new experience for me turned into something really meaningful. It reminded me of the power of love and celebration, and I felt lucky to be a part of it all. Drawing their wedding wasn't just about capturing moments; it was about creating memories that would last a lifetime.

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