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Creativity will save our kids

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

As I listened to the insightful words coming out of each educators mouth at this week's scribing event, it struck me how many times the word 'creativity' was mentioned. The event was the the Next Generation Assessment conference and teachers, educators, CEO's and many more had gathered to discuss and hear about the future of assessment and education.

As well as technology and AI being a key theme for ways in which to improve how assessments and the curriculum are delivered, it was clear there was a huge need for creativity to take a larger percentage of the spotlight, in addition to the more academic subjects.

For what is technology and complex problem solving without the spark of ideas from creative thinking? What is empathy for others, for other students, clients and customers in the workplace without creative sensitivity? The fact that creative subjects are suffering defeat to subjects such as Maths, Science and English is a huge loss to our children and future generations, and it was clear through the talks in this week's conference that it needs to be more prominent in the curriculum, as as a solution to improving assessment.

Ironically, half the audience had notepads or tablets, many were writing and doodling notes as the event went on and one gentleman approached me to say he would have liked to have drawn the event digitally - but seen I was already doing so :) Nevertheless, it's clear that everyone was utilizing some creativity for their work (or parts of their lives); just think how much more we can do if this is actively encourages in all institution and organisations.

So how can we start to be responsible for growing a more creative society?

  • Actively encourage creativity from an early age, and continue throughout nurseries, schools and universities

  • Develop our own practices - whether that's a creative hobby such as drawing, dance or photography. Something that takes us out of our heads and into the present moment

  • Use visual communications in our work and meetings to for creative problem solving and team building

  • Emphasise the importance of creative thinking and creative play in our daily lives

For more details on how to help your organisation think and work more creatively, get in touch!

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