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How to align your company's look with its feel

Updated: May 26

Eleanor Beer and the team at Coron Projects, a project managements, standing in front of a vision map, drawn from graphic facilitation
Photo credit: Gerwyn Tumelty of Coron Projects

When I'm helping companies shape their vision, values, and strategy through visuals, a big challenge occasionally pops up when their words or imagery doesn't match the chosen brand personality the company's crafted. It's like planning a meeting or big event, but your team isn't on the same page. When a company's message doesn't match, it can lead to mixed signals, making it hard for people to understand what they're trying to communicate or what kind of people they are.

Crafting a cohesive story with archetypes

To avoid confusion, companies should dig into what their brand archetype is. In simple terms, archetypes are the personalities your favourite brands can have. It's a bit like characters in a story, Imagine your brand is a person; are you the helpful Hero, always there to save the day? Or maybe you're the Explorer, seeking out new and exciting things.

While some brands may embody multiple archetypes, having a central archetype in mind at the outset can help streamline your brand development process.

To avoid this confusion, here's a simple 3 step checklist :

1. Look in the mirror:

- Task: Understand what makes your company unique.

- Goal: Figure out if your brand is more like a hero, an explorer, or maybe a wise sage.

- Outcome: A clear picture of your brand's personality.

2. Ask your audience:

- Task: Have a chat with your customers.

- Goal: Find out how your audience sees your brand.

- Outcome: This gives you info on whether your message connects with your customers.

3. Check your look and talk:

- Task: Look at your visuals and messages.

- Goal: Make sure they match your brand's personality.

- Outcome: A consistent look and message everywhere.

Why a Graphic Facilitator Helps

Think of a graphic facilitator as your guide through this journey. They're experts at turning complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals, making sure your company's vision and personality are seen and heard loud and clear, and everyone is signing from the same sheet.


For a quick look into archetypes visit the Iconic Fox webpage.

A great book to read on Archetypes is The Hero and the Outlaw

Project management by Coron Projects

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