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Are we better together or apart? Creating connection with the hybrid-model in mind

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

As I write this from my kitchen table, sipping an early morning coffee having enjoyed a sunrise walk, I appreciate the calm I feel at being able to work from home. In the last few years, our working lives have shifted and many of us are now working under this half-home/ half office model. But does hybrid working really have staying power? Will this be a long-term solution for us and our teams, or is it just a short-term fix?

Hybrid work seemed like an ideal situation - you don't have to commute and still get to collaborate with your colleagues. But hybrid working can also be tiring and isolating.

It's hard to replace the feeling of being in a physical space together with your team members, where you can easily interact and brainstorm ideas using interactive tools.

Certainly, I've seen the power of real-world connection using physical artifacts to help with understanding and connection, and that's why I think we do our best work when we're together, visually.

Visual thinking tools - both in-person and online- can go a long way, but if hybrid work is going to be the future of work, teams need to find ways to create meaningful connections while apart.

And for things to run more productively and efficiently, teams can utilize the power of visual tools to get things done at a faster pace, getting to the point and saving time in the board room.

It's clear that hybrid working has helped us get through some challenging times in 2020. But as we look ahead and consider the future of work, it may be time to re-evaluate hybrid work models and see whether they are really sustainable for the long-term success of teams. After all, there’s no substitute for good old face-to-face collaboration!

What do you think about the future of hybrid work? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or DM's.

Ohio University Study on Teams working better together:

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