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Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Sketchnotes...what's the difference?

Updated: May 26

Ever wondered about the difference between graphic recording, sketch notes, story maps, and graphic facilitation? I often get asked what the difference is at meetings and events and how each service can help solve people's problems. So, here's a breakdown for you to help clarify things!

📝 Sketchnotes:

Imagine doodling meets note-taking. It's like capturing the essence of a meeting in a colourful, artistic diary. More often a hit among the creative souls who scribble away while extracting the golden nuggets of wisdom in their sketchbooks. They can be done anywhere as long as you've got a pen and paper.

🖌️ Graphic Recording:

Picture a live artist in action. Think of this as the visual orchestra of a meeting—where every word spoken gets translated into vibrant, live illustrations and text. It's akin to watching a meeting unfold in a comic book. Graphic recording works best for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and anywhere where a conversation needs translated into visual storytelling.

🗺️ Storymaps: Ever wanted to map out the meeting narrative? Story maps are your treasure map through the meeting journey. They're like the GPS of discussions, leading you from Point A (introduction) to the conclusions at Point Z. They help when you have a vision or strategy.

This is where the magic happens. It’s not just about pretty pictures; it's about steering the meeting ship. Facilitators guide discussions, ask the right questions, and weave visual imagery and text alongside the facilitation to keep everyone aboard sailing smoothly toward the meeting goals.

This works well to lead or align teams on meeting objectives, messaging or vision sessions,

Whether it's crafting a new strategy, steering a transformation project, or deciphering a hybrid working model, visual thinking tools can help you get results.

Ready to change your meetings for the better? Contact me to dive into the world of effective, engaging discussions.

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