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7 Ways to Sustainably Move into 2024

Updated: Feb 4

Happy 2024 everyone! While January often marks the onset of resolutions, I find myself shuddering at the thought of letting people know what I'm going to do, and then not do it! I find the spring season works better for creating new goals and projects. Here's why I believe this shift is beneficial, especially for business leaders and teams, along with some insights on navigating this period with a mindful approach.

In January, my focus isn’t on rushing into resolutions or quick, panicked changes. Instead, it's a time for observation, assessment, and reflection. I take a big-picture view of the past year, examining what worked well in 2023 and what areas warrant my attention and improvement in 2024. This focused approach allows for a more informed and considered approach to setting new plans.

Pacing and rushing headlong into resolutions can overwhelm the body and mind, so it's kinder to move forward steadily and deliberately, ensuring that our workloads remain manageable. This steadier pace prevents unnecessary stress and anxiety, fostering a more sustainable and healthier outlook for the year ahead.

For business leaders and teams, adopting a similar rhythm could prove highly effective. Instead of January being a sprint into new ventures, it becomes a time of careful evaluation. Here are 7 things you can do:

  • Encourage team members to share stories about their successes and challenges from 2023

  • Have discussions about stress management techniques, encourage breaks, and provide resources for support

  • Host strategic workshops where teams can collectively analyse what strategies or projects need adjustments or realignment

  • Encourage setting intentions aligned with values rather than just numerical targets.

  • Emphasise flexible goal setting that allows for adaptations throughout the year

  • Allocate time for team bonding, learning, and skill development

In true gardening fashion, let’s welcome the spring season not just as a change in weather but as an opportunity to sow the seeds of slow and steady progress!

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