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Productive and engaged people have visual meetings. Do you?

This was an interesting but not unsurprising read: a survey of 182 senior managers, 71% of them felt that meetings are unproductive and 95% of meeting attendees lose focus and miss parts of the meeting, while 39% doze off at meetings! Link:

After hearing continuous feedback from leaders about how ineffective meetings are and how it's causing stress for people, myself and Leadership Coach Victoria Hall are collaborating with the aim of saving teams more time and getting the most out of meetings using visual recording and facilitation.

Together we lead and guide group meetings by asking great questions, managing relationships and visualising outcomes. We do the hard bit for you and we remain totally objective, allowing you to fully concentrate on participating in the goal to be achieved. Whether that is a new strategy, a transformation project, agreeing a hybrid working pattern or any other collective goal. The combination of collaborative, directed discussion and a visual capture of outcomes has been a great success.

Our clients tell us that visual facilitation has been transformational in their productivity and has enhanced group relationships, leaving everyone feeling positive, energetic and committed to action!

If you don’t need the meeting at all, even better! But if you do and you want it to be useful, then we can help. To find out more, contact us!



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