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Visual tools that help you sell to different personality types

Updated: Feb 4

I've recently been diving into sales psychology in between doing my graphic recording work. I've always had a fascination with the subject, as it informs a lot of my work when it comes to helping companies with client engagement and communication. Within sales, there are different personas we can sell, lead, and train with, and there are four distinct buyer personas to consider - the Drivers, the Analyticals, the Expressives, and the Amiables. They're not just labels but blueprints to crafting ideas and designs that resonate with each community.

But how can we sell to them effectively? Embrace empathy and understand how they communicate. That means- knowing what tools they prefer to use to receive information. Let's take a look....

Meet your audience

Driver Buyers: These are the go-getters, the action-oriented people. They're goal focused, looking for results, quickly! You'll recognize them by their authoritative stance and confidence that stands out. For these types, it's all about showcasing your expertise and past victories.

The types of visual templates that work for Drivers: They don't like detail, so avoid anything too complex. Visuals templates such as visual agendas, milestone templates or anything that visualises goals will resonate with them

Analytical Buyers: These personas live and breathe data.They're the logical thinkers, the fact-checkers. To win them over, it’s all about those hard facts and numbers. Visuals that work: Paint a clear picture with data, ROI stats, and transparent program details.

Visuals they like: Infographics, charts, pie-charts, maps, anything that can show or demonstrate the detail in the works.

Expressive Buyers: These are the heart-and-soul individuals. They thrive on relationships and experiences. Their tone? Enthusiastic, bubbly, think texting with emojis. To connect with them, demonstrate your positive client communication and testimonials. Focus on the human connection and experiences shared, and you'll strike a chord with their hearts.

Visuals that work for them:

A collage of experiences, storyboards, connection pieces, illustrated narratives

Amiable Buyers: Relationships are their bread and butter. They're the ones who seek trust like it’s the holy grail. Their sales journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Identify them by their personal inquiries and need for assurance. Engage them by making them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Visuals that work for them:

Community murals, mindmaps, rich pictures, team-based templates that align people or communities

Remember, it's not about fitting everyone into the same visual box. It’s about crafting visual stories that speak directly to the hearts and minds of these diverse buyer personas. So, get creative, and let your visuals be the bridge that connects you with each unique buyer type.

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