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How to use visual tools to boost your employees' wellbeing

Updated: Feb 4

Do you sometimes feel like your team isn't speaking from the same page? Organisations that are not aligned can suffer from a whole range of symptoms, from low morale and lack of motivation to infighting, lack of accountability and miscommunication. It’s no wonder so many business owners feel like they’re in a constant battle to keep their teams on track. When individuals and teams feel connected, understood and supported by each other, they experience an increased sense of belonging that leads to greater engagement and job satisfaction.

There is less management focus on health and well-being compared with the first year of the pandemic. Our evidence points to a small but disappointing slip in attention to employees’ mental and physical health.

As a graphic facilitator, I’ve seen first-hand how powerful it is to bring a team together in an environment that encourages better well-being and open communication, allowing them to brainstorm ideas and develop useful strategies for business success.

Having a cohesive team that communicates effectively is key in maximizing employee well-being, and having the right tools to do so is crucial! Here are some visual tool examples:



Sketching out agendas or checklists on a flipchart (let's see those pens!) during meetings can help ensure that everything is addressed and nothing slips through the cracks. This helps prevent feelings of being overwhelmed by tasks or forgotten about by colleagues. Making sure each person has their voice heard also fosters a feeling of belonging and inclusivity, which is essential for employee morale.


It's important to take the time to review goals and expectations regularly. This allows teams to stay on track and make adjustments if needed. It can also help avoid feelings of stagnation or being stuck in a rut, which can lead to restlessness or boredom among employees. Taking steps like scheduling regular check-ins or company outings can be a great way for teams to stay connected, engaged, and motivated.


Having an overall vision of where your organisation is headed helps C-suites and leaders to instill blue-sky thinking and motivation into their teams. It also provides clarity on how resources should be allocated, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, as well as what the competitors are doing in the market.

Getting everyone on the same page helps create an atmosphere of trust and understanding between team members — something that's vital for promoting positive employee wellbeing. So it pays off to take the time to ensure that everyone is informed, included, and contributing!

Images care of Wix media

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